Kaninmambo, Mozambique!

One girl's misadventures studying abroad in Maputo, Mozambique.



Bom dia! Auxene! 

I’m a third year student of Spanish and Portuguese at King’s College London. Through this blog I hope to document my experience of studying abroad in Maputo in Mozambique so that anyone interested be they friends or relatives, or indeed other prospective study abroad students, might have the chance to gain an insight into this fascinating country.

I hope it will serve not just as a platform for my own self-indulgent reflections on my experiences (I’ll let you know when you can and should skip past a soppy post), but also as a travel guide-cum-advice page for anyone thinking of undertaking a similar journey.

I have lived abroad twice – once in Spain and once in Chile, but going to live in Mozambique felt like a different kind of challenge all together. I hope I am able to transmit something of my experiences of muddling through in Maputo into these ramblings.

So…  Gyaguvegwa gyaguhina! (Gitonga proverb meaning: ‘O que se guarda apodrece’ in other words ‘don’t leave things for later… Seize the day’!)

*A word about the title: Kaninmambo is Changana (one of over 20  ‘national languages’ spoken in the country). It means ‘Thank you’, a little corny perhaps but I guess I wanted to express my gratitude for this opportunity to come and study here. *

Happy Readings!


  1. Jane C

    Kaninmambo for this great blog!

  2. Tamara

    Amor ami siempre me interesa lo que escribes!!!😍😍😍😍

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